THC E-Liquid Mango Kush 4ml



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THC Percentage = 80%

Mango Kush is a hybrid with a sedating but pleasant effect. This strain is known to inspire giggle fits in the novice consumer. Medical consumers have rated this strain as a good evening relief for ailments as serious as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and bipolar disorder. Mango Kush is an easy-going hybrid true to its name, Mango Kush has a musky mango aroma with hints of pungency. thc vape juice for sale
A real tropical treat, this strain is like a vacation plant. This strain is a cross between Mango and Hindu Kush. The strong Kush lineage gives this strain indica dominance but because it’s a hybrid, its known to make you a little more talkative and sociable than usual. Effects are Drowsiness, euphoria, happiness, hunger, pain relief, relaxation and uplifting. buy vape oil in Melbourne

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4ml 4,200mg in each bottle
* 100% Solvent-Free Distillate
* Cannabis derived terpene

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